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An analysis undertaken by the real estate agency Profesional Casa indicates that, because of infrastructure development, communes such as Feleacu, Vâlcele, Mărtineşti, Jucu and Baciu will eventually become neighbourhoods of the city, thereby enlarging its area.His acts of ethnic provocation against the Hungarian-speaking minority did much to deter investors; however, the situation changed dramatically after his ouster, with the city entering a period of rapid growth in terms of economics and demographics—the city's population is projected, according to Sorin Apostu, a manager at City Hall, to more than double by the late 2010s.and the seat of Cluj County, in north-western Transylvania.Geographically, it is roughly equally distant from Bucharest (426 km / 265 mi), Budapest (397 km / 247 mi) and Belgrade (455 km / 283 mi).The petition demanded the equality of the Romanian nation in Transylvania in respect to the other nations governed by the Unio Trium Nationum, but it was rejected by the Cluj Diet.This erupted with the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, where at one point the Austrians were gaining control of Transylvania, trapping the Hungarians between two flanks.However, the Hungarian army, headed by the Polish general Józef Bem, launched an offensive in Transylvania, recapturing Klausenburg by Christmas.

As of July 2007, 310,243 inhabitants live within the city limits,.

It gradually regained its important position within Transylvania as the headquarters of the Gubernium and the Diets between 17, and again from 1790 until the revolution in 1848, when the Gubernium moved to Hermannstadt.

In 1791, a group of Romanian intellectuals drew up a petition, known as Supplex Libellus Valachorum, which was sent to the Emperor in Vienna.

In 1897, the Hungarian government decided that only Hungarian place names should be used and therefore prohibited the use of the German or Romanian versions of the city's name on official government documents.

In the autumn of 1918, as World War I drew to a close, Cluj became a centre of revolutionary activity, headed by Amos Frâncu who, on 28 October 1918, made an appeal for the organisation of the "union of all Romanians".

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