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But then I'm the bloke who stood on the terraces in Monte Carlo confidently predicting that we'd score any minute.

Sunday night, swam in the glorious warm waters of Brazil v Italy. You watch Zagalo's team getting nearer and nearer the Class of 1970 and you just can't wait to go down the park and practice your keepy-uppy.

Because for all that Venus went for everything out there and hit some truly terrific shots, she can’t match Serena on the biggest points, the ones that separate the champion from the rest. Serena crash-banged her way through this fortnight without dropping a set or even being taken to a tie-break.

leckie couldn’t believe he let web drag him onto another boat for another suicide mission against the bastards responsible for the most finning crimes in the world. Once we get Hendry, Calderwood, Collins, Mc Ginlay and the rest back we should be well on for turning them at home and then topping it off with a win over Latvia. Chuffed to bits for Gaz Mc Az - can you believe it's a year since Wembley? Don't want to speak too soon, but I'd say we can start thinking about France next summer thanks to our reserves showing so much bottle in Belarus.Last night, she racked up her 23rd Grand Slam, once more than the great Steffi Graf - and although that’s still one fewer than Margaret Court, the Aussie legend won 11 of hers before the game went professional.And surely even she, sitting among the 15,000 packed into Rod Laver Arena for this latest re-staging of Sister Act, would step aside and admit what Williams has done has been achieved in a way tougher school. Because on this form and with the competition still trailing so far in her wake, this 35-year-old won’t have to wait long to add two more titles to her name. Serena’s been in a lot of finals but I haven’t for while, so it was momentous to get the chance to play each other again.

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