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When the submariner debuted in 1953 it had no calendar, no chronograph, no moon phase, no bells or whistles of any kind.

Just a black dial with contrasting white hands and a two way rotating bezel for measuring elapsed time.

Since then, the company has changed its name to Black Berry and lost nearly all its smartphone market share, as consumers have moved to competing platforms including i OS, Android and Windows Phone.

However, new CEO John Chen is not ready to throw in the towel, and has a new smartphone available for pre-order, the brand new… Just as previous rumors indicated, the Bold 9900 wants to make a miraculous return and the phone is currently listed on the company’s website as available for pre-order. An incredible 9 for a three-year-old handset that was already dated when it launched.

A second image from the Bold 9900 checkout process follows below.

All our new mobile phones come with 2 year warranty.

The 1st 1 year warranty comes from the original manufacturer like Samsung, Apple etc.

More screen resolution and power than Black Berry owners know what to do with? Its more than theyre used to though and that makes the Bold Touch 9900 a very attractive upgrade option.

And just to be clear were not questioning the latest of the Bolds. Were simply looking for things that can threaten its relationship with the core user base. read more → It's hard not to recommend the Bold 9900, because here we have a fantastic piece of kit that we can confidently describe as RIM's best Black Berry to date.

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Augmented reality introduces exciting new ways to interact with the world around you via the Black Berry Bold 9900, and with it now having Near Field Communications (NFC) built-in, you can connect with other NFC enabled devices and smart tags.

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