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It’s unclear if the rumored “Theater Mode” would allow for easier texting capabilities in a movie theater or if it would act like “Airplane Mode” and simply stop incoming calls or texts during that time period.According to Dickson, the first beta for i OS update 10.3 is “scheduled to seed” on Jan. Polygon has reached out to Apple for comment and will update when more information becomes available. In the same place that you previously found a login button, there should be your avatar and name! If you STILL can't fucking find it, just click this: A CONVENIENT LOGIN LINK. Okay, now that you solved one of the biggest mysteries in your life, time for another one. The Alamo, which already has a strict, “If you take your phone out to text, we’ll kick you out of the movie” code in effect, is particularly upset.Tim League, founder of the Alamo Drafthouse, issued a statement to Polygon about the rumor.Dickson said that in i OS update 10.3, a “Theater Mode” would be added that could be accessed from clicking on a “popcorn-shaped Control Center icon.” Dickson didn’t allude to what the mode would do, but in 2012, Apple patented technology that would “disable noise and/or light emanating from wireless devices (such as at a movie theater),” according to Collider.The idea that Apple was developing a mode that would make it easier for people to text in a theater has caught the ire of many, but none more so than theater chains like the Alamo Drafthouse.

I’ll be getting ready to hit the road for tour starting THIS February! Getting back to her normal figure isn’t the only new update on K. She recently revealed her plans to have more children by way of a surrogate. Now, you can press the dreaded Enable button that half of the human population spent centuries searching for. Someday, a Join button will be added and this section updated, but for now, Mikuia will only join when you're live. They can automatically update stuff, they give you useful commands. After you add a command, or enter the settings menu from the list, you'll see some configurable settings. Mikuia won't magically join your channel immediately. It lets you set a static message as the command response. Congratulations, you've made it further than 97% of Twitch userbase. DON'T be surprised that nothing works when you're offline. Sometimes, they even let you do things outside of Twitch. From here, you can select if the command should be used only by broadcasters, mods, subs, add a coin cost or minimal level.

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