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That was so hard to deal with.”What got them through, he says, was acceptance.“Once we accepted that the erections were not going to come back, we could move on.”Snuggling and being close has really helped, he says.“And we use a strap-on,” he says, somewhat mischievously.

“We do it that way, which is pleasing to her.”Jeff Jarvis, renowned American author and blogger, is fully out of the closet with his prostate cancer. Diagnosed a year ago, he has blogged about the indignities big and small: having a “mondo stapler shoved up my ass” during the biopsy; picking up Viagra and pads to deal with incontinence; a helpful pharmacist who yelled out across the store, “Is he gonna need the diapers, too?

“I started him on Viagra last night.”Blood flow to the penis allows oxygen into the area, keeps tissues healthy, prevents atrophy and helps men recover sexual function.“If you don’t use it, you lose it,” Goldenberg said. Help is available Shannon Griffen, a sexual health clinician, said she encourages men to bring their partners to appointments where erection enhancement is discussed.“Some of the men I see are of the mindset that ‘It’s my problem, my concern, I’ll take care of it,’” Griffen says.“When a couple has gone through something like this they need to be more verbal, have more communication.”Men experiencing failure with erections may withdraw from their partners; partners not wanting to pressure their husbands may also withdraw sexually.“Couples that have been together 35 years and want to resume their sex lives now have to ask, ‘How do we do that?

’ There’s shyness and discomfort,” Griffen said.“You learn a whole lot about sex as a result of having prostate cancer,” said Alan, who was diagnosed at the age of 62.

After surgery, he experienced a year of erectile dysfunction, bladder spasms, physical pain and inner turmoil.“We had been screwing each other regularly and enjoying it,” he says about his relationship with his wife.“I found myself living under a dark cloud.”Alan regrets not getting sexual counselling more quickly, but he said, “After a diagnosis, all your psychological bearings have changed.

You’re vulnerable, your future is unknown, you have choices to make but not enough information to make them.”Attending a support group and going online helped.

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“He showed up on one of our dates and said ‘I just had a biopsy’.” He downplayed it. “He had gone to a urologist friend, who had not found anything and he let it go.” A year later his prostate-specific antigen count had doubled. “We peel the nerves off the prostate, it’s very delicate.

VANCOUVER - Francine Hardaway, an entrepreneur and tech guru, said love came upon her powerfully and unexpectedly.“He was my boyfriend,” she says in a phone interview from Phoenix, Ariz. “You feel like your manhood’s gone.”Glen was angry.

Her voice bursts with pride and pleasure when she says “boyfriend,” as if he was, and is, the very first. His wife tried to be encouraging, but that only made things worse.

The second priority is to maintain urinary function. Often it is not until after surgery that sexual function moves front and centre.

The first priority, says Goldenberg, is to get all the cancer out.

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