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ABOUT MEdo not be fooled by my words, or because I am a dick in a delicate body.I may not be that sweet you imagine, or this girl that you think I am.Choose someone to spank you and then straddle their hips and say it in your sexiest voice right in their ear. this also will count as a dare for the person you choose and their round will be skipped.Sexually tease someone for 30 seconds Blow in someones ear Spank someone Have a guy take off a girls piece of clothing (vice versa) DANCE TO BAD ROMANCE!!I am not normal like all the girls that you are accustomed to know, I hate youtube humor channels, I hate ungrateful people who think they are funny.I hate netflix, I hate movies and I'm not addicted to games.

these are not words copied and pasted, this is what I know about me, is my personality, is what I think and I know about myself.but I may be the best thing you could have in your bed, that I give you certainty. I can open your ass in a way that it will never close again.but that's fine, will ease the entry of your big dildo for a few years then.if she laughs, flinchs or moves at all she has to take off an article of clothing have a guy lick whip cream off a girls tits or just on sensative part (vice versa) Tie a girls/guys hands behind their backs and let someone of the opposite sex come up and do what they want for 30 seconds Lick someone’s ear Choose someone to give you a hickey on the neck, chest, etc…this also will count as a dare for the person you choose and their round will be skipped.

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If I was a food what would I be and how would you eat me?

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