Config files in 39etc39 need updating

You specify configuration settings using predefined attributes, which are name/value pairs inside an element's start tag.

The following example specifies two attributes (%\Config directory.

Configuration File Schema Describes the schema hierarchy for startup, runtime, network, and other types of configuration settings.

Configuration File Schema Specifying an Assembly's Location Redirecting Assembly Versions Registering Remote Objects Using Configuration Files ASP.

In this case, the machine configuration file is the appropriate place for the settings, so you don't have the same settings in two different files.It describes how to interactively merge current and new config files, edit new config files, examine differences between files, and more. , all listed configuration files will be overwritten with the newer versions. We strongly recommend that you use the Code Access Security Policy tool (Caspol.exe) to modify security policy to ensure that policy changes do not corrupt the security configuration files.How to: Locate Assemblies by Using DEVPATH Describes how to direct the runtime to use the DEVPATH environment variable when searching for assemblies.

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stores the differences between the configuration files as patches or by using the RCS revision system.

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