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Optionally, a non-diagnostic PACS file is viewed and, optionally, edited during the consultation session.https:// Smith"&hl=en&sa=X&ei=i Jv NVL3-D42dyg To9IL4Cw&ved=0CFc Q6AEw CA​​Publication date Jan 23, 2014 Filing date Jul 22, 2012 Inventor Douglas K.

The e PHI-compliant gatekeeper system includes user equipment and a cloud-based vetting system.

The cloud-based vetting system includes a Software as a Service (Saa S) module and a Platform as a Service (Paa S) module.

After a physician order entry is entered, the patient preorder workfile is actively interfaced with an electronic medical records system.https://

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The Date Picker control allows the user to select a date by either typing it into a text field or by using a drop-down Calendar control. Date Picker Control Many of a Date Picker control's properties are for managing its built-in Calendar, and function identically to the equivalent property in Calendar.

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