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He got his first guitar for Christmas as a 5th grader in 1955.

He played the trombone as a member of the Edison Jr. In high school he was branded as "SNAKE", and he formed his first band in 1960, "Little Alvin & The Regents" as the rhythm guitar player.

The younger generation who have followed in the foot-steps of the legendary country artists, give Aaron hope for the future of country music and radio.

Hey, it can't be all bad, if we've taught them at least that much!

Once again, Levon & the guys "Tell's it like it is! Marc grew up in North Dallas as a good friend and formed Marc Benno & The Victors in high school.

Any of her releases are well worth it, and her live preformances are like few to be seen.

Ronnie Hawkins headed out from Northwest Arkansas as one of the pioneers of "white" Rock n' Roll in the mid 1950's, and with many great hits such as "Forty Days", he soon became a teenage idol. On one trip back home, he met up with a youngster from the Mississippi Delta (close to Memphis, Tenn) - Levon Helm.

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