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But it was not the fashion to speak or to feel after such a cosmopolitan style, and the eighteenth-century wanderer was inexorably constrained to sing his wanderings in a minor key. At that time, other engagements being cleared away, and much talk about British New Guinea being in the air, after its recent transfer to Australian government under the title of "The Territory of Papua," I somehow found myself saying good-bye to friends who evidently regarded the occasion as the next thing to a funeral on board an A. He might—no doubt he frequently did—enjoy himself extremely, and much prefer foreign countries to his native land. The seed thus sown bore fruit later on in assisting settlement. Holland had a liberal half of it, and Germany a quarter. To the ordinary citizen it did not cast any discredit on Papua—people committed suicide everywhere—for various reasons; but it made him wonder where and what British New Guinea was, and occasionally induced him to look it up in a library. There's gold in the Fly, you know—it's found sticking among the roots of the mangroves, in those deadly river swamps—and prospecting parties go out to get it.

For the rest, the books told of cannibals and crocodiles, fevers and snakes and swamps, unexplored rivers, unknown mountains.

This e Book is made available at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Papuan Government nursery for supplying economic plants 10. People in general will allow that there is pleasure in seeing the wonderful East and the amazing South—that one may indeed live near the Line for a few years, if compelled to do so—but the convention of hardship and horror still lingers. Which is all very pretty, and calculated to draw approving murmurs from the gallery. A good many men, if put on oath, would be obliged to acknowledge that they find the society of the finished belle more amusing than the bread-and-milk conversation of the provincial young woman.

You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg Australia Licence which may be viewed online. —The tropical martyr—How not to see Queensland—Bche-de-mer—The inevitable "B. A good many people who keep putting off the purchase of that saloon single, outside, amidships ticket that will open the gate of the country lane and silence the whisper of the starlight-silvered palms for ever, would have to tell you, were they sworn to truth, that the tropic world is almost wickedly fascinating, and that they fear they will feel a little out of place—just at first, of course—when they go home to stay...

—A two days' man-hunt—Where the money is made CHAPTER VIII Sud-Est and its Queen—Historic jewels of Papua—Two brave Mrs. It seems that there is a famine of theatres, music-halls, and races in the hot countries; that you have to do your shopping by steamer, and only get your newspapers at intervals. All the same, the passengers are quite evidently "going back to Dixie," and not sorry to go. And we stop to take up cargo or passengers, to bring all the latest news and mails, and to give the people a change (strange reversal of the eager rush for news and diversion from ship to shore, in the busy ports of the Old World! And each of the towns is the rising town of Queensland, though all look like one another.

Crusoes—A new voyage of Maeldune—Unchaperoned Sim-Sim—The Island of Silence—Too good to be true—The curious Trobriands—Catching fish with kites—A ghastly locket—The gentle art of poisoning—Strange fruits—The pearls in the dust heap—Back to Port Moresby APPENDIX How to reach Papua Health Conditions 00. Murray, in the uniform of the New South Wales forces serving in South Africa 01. The way to see Queensland—if you are not going to see it—is to travel up the coast on an A. But at Rockhampton, if my memory does not lie (perhaps it does—I was not seeing Queensland), the first of the palms is met with, a mere handful of dusty and unhappy feather-brooms: still, a landmark of importance.

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Its effect upon the country at large (strange to say) was not exactly disastrous.

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