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You can take the relationship for a test drive around the block and see how well it feels.

Unfortunately, this test drive isn’t the best solution for longevity in a marriage.

Additionally, the new attitude within relationships – married or otherwise is not ‘till death do us part,’ but rather ‘till I am no longer happy.’ And couples who live together first often reach the ‘till no longer happy,’ place much more quickly than those that never lived together first.

Basic math equates to the support of statistics from Psychology Today’s Journal of Marriage and Family that report couples who live together divorce more quickly than those that don’t live together first.

So suddenly, couples who were living together get married and the entire aura of the relationship is changed.

Additionally, many people – especially women believe that marriage will change the level of commitment, or degree of respect in the relationship that they receive from their partner.

And many statistics seem to support this statement.

One of the ‘great debates’ in life comes when a couple decides to take the next big step in their relationship and move in together.The merging of households right down to the dishes and forks, the splitting of bills, the sharing of the bed can seem to be quite a bit like a marriage.For many people in long-term cohabitating relationships, they wonder if being married, as in saying “I do,” and placing rings on special fingers would really make any difference in the relationship.And relationships, unlike cars – do not come with any long-term warranties.If you are living with someone currently, then you will likely fall into the category of the 55% of couples who eventually get married after living together.

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