Is gabe saporta dating bianca

The 'Good Girls Go Bad' singer additionally told the publication that he consulted Fetherston on her engagement ring prior to popping the question."I'm no dumb-dumb.I know you don't buy jewelry for a girl without consulting her - especially for a girl like Erin," Saporta joked.He developed an interest in music at the age of eight.

Teachers hated me." The concerts grew in popularity in his small town, until about 500 people would attend each week.Saporta then joined another band, Humble Beginnings.Saporta attended Rutgers University and majored in philosophy.These bands influenced him greatly, and as a teenager, he adopted a straight edge lifestyle.Of his teenage years, Saporta recalled, "I was pretty much just as obnoxious as I am now, but louder.

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