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According to Elliot, he uses useless virus scans, dated servers and security software that runs on Windows 98.It’s one of the reasons why Elliot made that particular hospital his primary care facility, since he can easily modify his records to look average and innocent.Cybercriminals attack using phishing attacks, which are emails pretending to be from a trusted source, in two ways: either through general attacks, using phishing emails, that target anyone they can, or with specific targeted attacks, spear phishing directly targeting specific people, like the in January.Therefore, it is important that you and your employees stay educated in security best practices.Hello, I've recently re-installed Plex onto my Drobo5N after a lengthy hiatus.I've been pretty successful at getting everything up and running, except that Plex refuses to download metadata for any and all TV Shows. I started by installing the official Plex app through the Drobo Dashboard.If employees are taught to be careful and are aware of current threats, the chance of falling victim to an attack will certainly be lowered.If more employees knew what typical phishing emails or sites look like, they wouldn't be likely to fall for them.

The hacks were carried out by the show’s main character Elliot and hacker group fsociety.Social engineering is a combination of psychological techniques that cybercriminals use to trick people into giving up sensitive information or performing certain actions, such as downloading malware or giving out sensitive information.While in the episode fsociety physically social engineering their way into your office or facility, SMBs need to worry about someone digitally social engineering their way into their network, which is why employees should keep informed and vigilant.Their goal throughout the season was to take down the multi-national conglomerate, E Corp.Although the hacks on the show were rather complex and to a certain extent elaborate, there are a few things SMBs can learn from them. Robot will be airing soon, so I sat down with Avast security experts to recap the hacks from the first season and to hear their thoughts on how SMBs can protect themselves: Truly value your IT department In Elliot is admitted to a hospital whose IT department is lead by a single person, with a budget of ,000.

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