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Definitely a niche market for this kind of fragrance.

Pleased to see so many other people enjoyed this fragrance in the reviews!

Sadly, it misses with the Hoi Polloi because it doesn't smell like Department Store cologne, it misses with the Hoity Toity because it doesn't come with a 0 price-tag so it must be crap, and it misses with the dudes because it smells just a bit too chickly. smells like a bundle of hay with frosting on top, smells like sugary white frosting, the smell of the inner piece of a slice of cake, some thick musk in the base. Huele a la nota de flor de naranjas que mencionan y al secado, dulzón.

Still, it is an awesome fragrance that you should put your nose on. if you wanted to you could probably put a cherry on top. Lástima que en mi, no huela tanto ni dure como a otros.

If you feel that Fleur du Male smells similar to Reflection Man then you should state your opinions in a well-written review that includes how a fragrance smells, how well it performs, appropriate times for wearing said fragrance, comments received from others, and feelings it evokes while on your skin. As for people it smelling similar to Le Male...perhaps, but only a fleeting similarity that is not strong enough for my to vote for such as similarity. Le Male smells very similar (but not identical) to Reflection Man and close to 200 members have mentioned this fact in their review of Reflection mention just about every fragrance reviewer on Youtube, Facebook and other social media.

Moreover, it is certainly a unique men's fragrance, very well-blended (excellent quality) and reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, the danger is from getting my ass-kicked, lunch money taken, and man-card revoked for smelling like a cuck with flowers in his hair.

(LOL) I just don't feel this is a very manly scent..still love it.

Something similar does Prada with L'infusion d'homme using iris instead of Nerolí. The mixture is developed in two phases, is very well mixed and undoubtedly its originality is undoubted and to be a designer fragrance fulfills well with my expectations.

Rating: 8 Very unique to the conventional "male" market and its performance is monstrous.

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I was a little worried this was going to be a little too feminine for my liking but its simply a beautiful clean floral scent. Scent: 7/10 Performance: 9/10 Sillage:9/10 Compliment factor:7/10 I like this fragrance !!

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