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After his father’s death in 1946, Laird ran for his father’s seat in the state senate, becoming the youngest senator in Wisconsin history. He was re-elected eight times, serving until January 1969.In November 1952, the voters of Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district (covering ten counties in the middle of the state) elected him to the U. A very energetic congressman, Laird became known for his work on both domestic and defense issues.Yesterday we told you about Yahoo announcing the new Flickr.A completely redesigned layout and interface designed to bring the former king of Image sharing into the modern era of the internet.

1973-1974 - Counsellor to the President for Domestic Affairs, White House 1974- - Senior counselor for national and international affairs, Reader’s Digest.His long-time service on the Defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee throughout most of the 1950s and 1960s allowed him to develop an extraordinary expertise on defense issues.Laird supported a strong defense posture and was frequently critical of Secretary of Defense Robert Mc Namara's management and decision making practices and the Johnson administration’s handling of the Vietnam War.I sent an email to Yahoo seeking comment on this quote, but as of this post I have not heard back.You can watch the actual video of her making the comments below.

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