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If coaches like what they hear and want to recruit someone for their “team,” they press a button, and their giant red chair spins around for a grand reveal.

(If more than one turns, the contestant gets to pick his or her coach.) I see those chairs a-swivelin’ in a commercial, and I can’t resist Hulu-binging several hour-and-a-half-long episodes of these blind auditions.

This isn’t to criticize Hoyer, or the many other contestants over the years who already made a living through music, for striving for more.

You’ll get just a snippet of these contestants singing, and a “Gwen also picked up So-and-So,” before the show moves on.Although “America” ultimately chooses the winner, the machinations of the auditions, battles, and knockout rounds before voting even starts keep it from being a completely democratic process.And in the battle and knockout rounds, there’s a dissonance between the warm and fuzzy mentorship of both the coaches and the celebrity advisers they bring in (like John Legend and Céline Dion), and the fact that these rounds are designed to have two team members face off, and make their coach choose between a competition, sure, but the meritocracy is again undermined by the fact that these battles aren’t always a fair fight.In one of Shelton’s battles, 14-year-old Brennley Brown was paired with the more experienced 25-year-old Lauren Duski—who, according to her website, has opened for established country acts in the past with her band.

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